Customer Concern: A homeowner was in need of our professional Brookfield chimney leak repair services to address a water leak. Concerned about potential damage and deterioration, they contacted Smoke Stacks for a reliable solution.

Assessment and Response: We responded quickly, arriving within a week to assess the situation and perform a chimney inspection. Due to a forecasted winter freeze, we took preventative measures by wrapping the chimney to protect it from further damage until a complete repair could be undertaken in spring.

Service Provided: The primary issue identified was a water leak from an inadequately installed chimney flashing. However, the chimney’s unique structure, featuring two sides stepping inward above the roofline, required a meticulous approach.

We addressed the flashing by installing a large saddle. To extend the life of the existing masonry, we conducted chimney tuckpointing, applied a crown coat, and added waterproofing. Additionally, we power-washed the structure to eliminate mold buildup and refresh its appearance.

Project Duration: The comprehensive chimney leak repair took three days to complete, with the installation of the large saddle consuming most of the time. This duration is typical for the complexity and thoroughness required in such repairs.

Importance of Service: This chimney repair service was crucial to address the active leak and enhance the longevity of the chimney’s existing structure without needing a costly rebuild. Our interventions, such as tuckpointing, crown coat application, and waterproofing, are preventive measures that help avoid significant future expenses and maintain the chimney’s structural integrity.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: Smoke Stacks was selected for this project due to our detailed diagnostic skills and honest evaluation of the problem. Unlike our competitors, who proposed extensive and unnecessary repairs, we focused on the true source of the issue—the flashing—ensuring a solution that was both effective and economical.

Unique Aspects: Our ability to handle complex chimney structures and provide a multifaceted service approach sets us apart. We do not just repair; we enhance and protect, employing various techniques tailored to each chimney’s specific needs and challenges.

Discover how Smoke Stacks can revitalize your home with expert chimney services. Whether facing urgent repairs or seeking preventative chimney maintenance, scheduling a consultation with us is the first step towards securing a durable and safe chimney system. Explore our services such as our Brookfield chimney leak repair, and let us demonstrate the commitment and quality that make us the preferred choice for chimney care in Wisconsin. With Smoke Stacks, you protect not just your chimney but also the comfort and safety of your home.

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