Located in the heart of the Milwaukee area, Smoke Stacks, Inc. provides reliability and expertise when it comes to chimney inspections and fireplace services. Our dedicated team understands the intricacies of Milwaukee’s architecture and climate, ensuring that every chimney inspection we undertake is thorough and tailored to the needs of our community. When you’re looking to ensure and maintain your chimney and fireplace’s safety and functionality, Smoke Stacks, Inc. is the name to remember.

What is a chimney inspection?

A chimney inspection involves a comprehensive assessment of your chimney and fireplace system. Such inspections play a crucial role in your chimney and fireplace’s yearly maintenance regimen. They can unearth hazardous flaws in your system that might compromise safety. Furthermore, when considering buying or selling a property, chimney inspections can highlight potential fireplace and chimney issues, ensuring you’re well-informed.

What DO WE EXAMINE during our chimney inspections?

Your chimney and fireplace come with various components, each requiring a meticulous inspection. Here’s a breakdown of what we specifically look into:

1. Chimney Flue: A vital step in any chimney inspection is to examine the flue lining for deposits of creosote, which can be combustible. If detected, a chimney sweep will be needed to adequately assess the flue’s condition.

2. Fireplace Firebox: This is the section where the wood is placed to burn. While scrutinizing the firebox, we ensure the damper, usually a metal plate at the firebox’s top, functions optimally. A malfunctioning damper can result in inefficient drafts or even cause smoke to backflow into your home.

3. Smoke Chamber: Located above the damper, the smoke chamber is a standard feature in masonry-built fireplaces. We assess its condition and functionality.

4. Installation Standards: Every fireplace has its unique characteristics. Beyond checking for defects, we also evaluate your fireplace’s installation standards, like clearances to combustible materials, sizing ratios, hearth dimensions, and more to ascertain it’s up to code.

5. External Chimney Examination: The chimney’s exterior, including elements like bricks, stones, masonry structure, the crown or cap, and the chimney flashings, are thoroughly assessed for any potential issues.

A chimney inspection is not just a cursory glance at your fireplace but a detailed analysis of every component that ensures its safe and efficient operation. From the inner linings of the flue to the exterior structure, every detail matters. With Smoke Stacks, Inc., you can be confident that our Milwaukee-based inspections provide a holistic overview, ensuring that every aspect of your chimney and fireplace system is meticulously examined and ready to serve you safely.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks Inc. for Your Chimney Inspection?

At Smoke Stacks Inc., we employ state-of-the-art inspection equipment, ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment. Our primary goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that your fireplace and chimney are in optimal condition, prepped and ready for the next burning season.
Are you ready to get cozy and use your fireplace with confidence? Contact Smoke Stacks Inc. today for a professional chimney inspection.