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Gregg Barrette,
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Cold Weather and Rain leads to Masonry Chimney Leaks

The end of 2015 has been one of the worst for masonry chimney's and water leaks.  This is all due to a year end with cold temperatures (but not freezing) and wet rains.  Think of your masonry chimney as a very hard sponge.  As i... Read More

Installing Flashing Demonstration - March 2015

Recently, we gave a demonstration on how to install chimney flashing to the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors

Installing proper chimney flashing.

You should have your chimney swept and inspected!

All chimneys need or will need some sort of maintenance periodically, especially here in Wisconsin.  Our severe weather changes often bring damaging rains, snows, and extreme temperature changes.  This type of weather not only affects the exterior of your chimney, but can cause damage to the interior of your chimney too.

Chimney sweeping is important maintenance that should be completed annually. Part of the process of chimney sweeping is the inspection. Chimney inspection will help identify possible problems that may cost you money or concerns in the future.

"Chimney sweeping helps prevent chimney fires"
The most common thing that causes problems with the exterior of your chimney is water.  If your chimney is not built correctly or has problems with the interior flue lining, water can get into the masonry.  When the water that is in the masonry begins to ze, it expands.   If the water is absorbed into the mortar or brick when it zes, the expansion of the frozen water will actually break the surrounding materials.  When this happens enough times, brick faces start to pop off, mortar joints deteriorate and your chimney can fall apart.

With over 23+ years of experience and qualifications, Smoke Stacks Inc.  can not only provide a timely, professional fix to your chimney problems, but advise you how to prevent them in the future. With thousands of happy customers in the Milwaukee Metro area, we are sure you'll be happy with our honest chimney professionals working on your chimney.

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