Purpose of an overhanging concrete chimney cap

Over-hanging concrete chimney caps allow water to drip off the top of the chimney. By installing what is commonly referred to as a ‘Drip Channel’ in the underside of the crown edges, the water must drip off instead of running back towards the chimney.

A properly built chimney needs to have an overhanging concrete crown. Many times a mortar or concrete “wash” is put on the chimney. The problem with this is that the wash is too thin and will crack and expand. What is even worse is when the wash is made from mortar. Mortar does not repel water; mortar absorbs water. The water can then make it into the chimney and cause damage all the way down to the foundation.

Water that gets into the chimney can freeze and expand. This freeze/thaw mechanism is why many chimneys need to be rebuilt. If your chimney doesn’t have an overhanging concrete chimney crown, call Smoke Stacks today for your estimate! Serving the Lake Country Area and Milwaukee Metro area.

Safety Information About Chimneys

Chimneys are an integral part of many homes. It is the chimney’s responsibility to vent the hazardous gases that are created by your home heating appliance. It is of the utmost importance that your chimney is working correctly to ensure the safety of your family.

Many chimney problems, such as holes and cracks, in the masonry of the chimney go unnoticed until there is a problem that is very noticeable. Chimney problems can cause your heating furnace to stop working properly, fireplace smoke to come back into your house, or water to come through your ceiling or walls.

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