The city of Oak Creek has a convoluted history that includes being part of the Town of Lake, then being the Town of Oak Creek, and then, finally, officially becoming a city in 1950. Without The Oak Creek Law, crafted by a wily town attorney to prevent Oak Creek’s annexation by the City of Milwaukee, this much-loved city wouldn’t still exist.

Ranging from the shores of Lake Michigan all the way west to 27th Street, Oak Creek’s roughly 35,000 residents cover a lot of space. And, wherever they live, Oak Creek homeowners know how important it is to protect the value of their property.

Hopefully, you too know how important it is to maintain the value of your property. If so, then you understand how important it is to keep your fireplace and chimney in good, working order.

A happy chimney is a working chimney, and you can trust the professional, full-service chimney restoration and repair services of Smoke Stacks, Inc. to keep your fireplace and chimney happy every day.


If you’ve never owned a fireplace before, you may not realize how important proper chimney care and maintenance are. And, whether you’ve had your fireplace one month or 20 years, understanding how it works is key.

Every time you use a wood-burning fireplace, toxic gases and oils are released during the burning process. Some of these materials also stick to the interior of your chimney. This is normal, and, if your fireplace and chimney are working properly, it is safe.

The problem, however, is that over time, harmful deposits (called creosote) build up in the interior of your chimney. In small doses, this creosote isn’t a problem. After a while, however, it can become dangerous—creating a health and fire hazard in your home.

If you need your chimney cleaned, call us today. As part of our chimney sweeping services, you can trust us to thoroughly scrub your chimney interior to remove creosote buildup. We will also inspect your chimney for other common issues, such as obstructions, mortar and brick breakdown, and liner damage.

Is It Time for a Chimney Inspection?

If you own a fireplace, one of the most important things you can do to protect and maintain it is to have your chimney and fireplace inspected every year. Whether or not your fireplace shows warning signs, a professional chimney inspection can help spot small problems before they become big, smoking, property-damaging ones.

If you live in Oak Creek or any of the surrounding communities to the west and south, call Smoke Stacks, Inc. today to schedule a chimney inspection or sweeping.

We also offer comprehensive chimney repair and restoration services—including chimney sweeping, crown repair, crown replacement, relining, tuckpointing, and more—in Oak Creek, WI and throughout Milwaukee County.


“The estimates, work and follow-up were all very prompt, responsive and professional. We are very satisfied” 


“Very professional and artistic! I would recommend Smoke Stacks to all friends, family and strangers. There was nothing left for me to clean up when they were finished with my chimney – inside or out. Thanks for a job WELL DONE!”


“Kurt is a man of his word. He is prompt, professional and most pleasant. He completed the job as quoted and we are very satisfied!”


For years, people throughout the greater Milwaukee and Oak Creek, WI areas have been turning to Smoke Stacks, Inc. for their chimney repair and relining needs. At Smoke Stacks, Inc. we believe that attention to detail, professional work, courteous service and honest prices are the qualities that make the difference.