When spring and summer are in full effect, this part of Waukesha can’t be beat when it comes to summer fun. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, or biking, the wide open spaces of Nashotah are easy to enjoy when the weather is warm. Out here, it’s all twisting roads, scenic drives, and hundred-year-old trees as far as the eye can see.

When winter hits, however, those twisting, scenic roads don’t seem nearly as charming—which is why most folks settle in safely for the winter with their fireplaces!

If you look forward to cozy nights next to your fireplace when it’s cold outside, don’t wait until next winter to find out that your chimney or fireplace needs work. In the dead of winter is not the time to find out that your chimney needs tuckpointing, crown repair, or crown replacement!

By making sure your chimney and fireplace are in good condition now, you can make sure you’ll be able to enjoy them when summer’s warmth is long gone.

Chimney Sweeping Services in Nashotah, WI

One of the best ways you can ensure your fireplace will be ready for you when you’re ready for it is to get your chimney inspected regularly. Having a professional inspection of your chimney and fireplace can help catch small problems before they become dangerous, and help you get the most out of your fireplace for the many decades that it was meant to last.

Whether you have a gas fireplace or a wood-burning one, regular care and chimney sweeping will help keep your fireplace operating at maximum efficiency. Plus, annual chimney cleaning is key to removing harmful creosote buildup that can cause chimney fires and respiratory problems.

Not sure if your chimney has dangerous buildup? Call Smoke Stacks, Inc. to schedule a chimney inspection. Our chimney sweeps will thoroughly scrub and clean your chimney, safely removing creosote deposits and inspecting your chimney for other common obstructions, like birds, bats, and squirrels.

When Was Your Last Chimney Inspection?

It’s easy to think you’re months away from using your fireplace, but the truth is, here in Wisconsin, a winter snow storm can hit nearly any time of year. That means that if you want to know your fireplace will be ready for you when you’re ready for it, any time is a good time to have your fireplace inspected by a professional.

If you’re ready to schedule a chimney inspection, call us. Smoke Stacks, Inc. offers comprehensive chimney services—including tuckpointing, relining, crown repair, crown replacement, chimney sweeping, and inspections—in Nashotah, WI and throughout the Lake Country region.


“Kurt responded promptly to our call. When he visited our home, he was very knowledgable and explained clearly what needed to be done. The work was well-done and we were very pleased!”

East Side of Milwaukee-area WI

“Not only was the chimney repair expertly done, replacement bricks and mortar matching perfectly, but Kurt also coordinated his job with our roofing contractor. The new chimney is beautiful and it is impossible to tell where the repair begins!”

Greendale WI,

“On-time and done right. It doesn’t get any better than Smoke Stacks”

Rick Milwaukee WI

For years, people throughout the greater Milwaukee and Nashotah, WI areas have been turning to Smoke Stacks, Inc. for their chimney repair and relining needs. At Smoke Stacks, Inc. we believe that attention to detail, professional work, courteous service and honest prices are the qualities that make the difference.