Why does a chimney need to be rebuilt?

Chimney rebuilding is usually suggested with the bricks, stones, mortar, or other masonry has lost its structural integrity. Spalling, cracking, deterioration of the brick, loss of adhesion and/or wear of the mortar joints compromise the chimney and can allow water to leak in, or even pieces of the chimney to fall off!

Quality, Professional Chimney Rebuilding Services

There are many reasons that you might need your chimney rebuilt. Loose or deteriorating bricks, stones, or mortar cannot only be unsightly, it can also be dangerous. At Smoke Stacks, we have seen the first-hand consequences of not repairing your chimney. We have seen falling debris do damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, and landscaping. We have seen pieces of the chimney fall inwards blocking the flow of the gases produced by your heating appliance which can lead to a possible Carbon Monoxide problem. We have even seen a chimney completely fall off a house. Chimneys with holes also may not perform as intended and may cause malfunctions in your heating appliance. Defective chimney structures can cause water leaks in your house, causing damage to the interior of the chimney and/or your house.

Chimney Rebuilding Vs. Tuckpointing

Why do we recommend rebuilding the chimney instead of tuckpointing in some cases? Tuckpointing is recommended when the structure of the chimney is solid. What that means is the bricks are still strong, but the mortar needs some slight maintenance. Tuckpointing is NOT recommended on chimneys where the structure has been compromised, or, in other words, the masonry has holes or is loose. Chimney Rebuilding is recommended when the structure of the chimney needs to be repaired. Loose and/or spalling brick or stone cannot be properly fixed by tuckpointing. Once you start to see pieces of the brick or other masonry fall down, it is probably time to have your chimney rebuilt and inspected. For over 20 years, Smoke Stacks has been providing the homeowners of the Milwaukee Metropolitan area with quality Milwaukee County chimney rebuilding services. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Schedule an estimate to have your chimney rebuilt today by Smoke Stacks, Inc., The Honest Professionals.

Safety Information About Chimneys

Chimneys are an integral part of many homes. It is the chimney’s responsibility to vent the hazardous gases that are created by your home heating appliance. It is of the utmost importance that your chimney is working correctly to ensure the safety of your family.

Many chimney problems, such as holes and cracks, in the masonry of the chimney go unnoticed until there is a problem that is very noticeable. Chimney problems can cause your heating furnace to stop working properly, fireplace smoke to come back into your house, or water to come through your ceiling or walls.