Customer Concern: The homeowner contacted us for their annual chimney cleaning and inspection. During our thorough examination, we uncovered significant damage to the chimney crown. This discovery highlighted the urgent need for repair to prevent further deterioration and potentially costly repairs in the future.

Assessment and Response: We received the call and scheduled an inspection within two days. Our thorough inspection revealed the damaged chimney crown, which, if left unchecked, could lead to extensive damage and costly repairs in the future. We provided the homeowner with a detailed quote for the necessary repairs.

Service Provided: Our highly experienced team took on the task of repairing the chimney crown on the field stone chimney, a task that presents unique challenges due to the nature of the material. Working with fieldstone requires precise skill, as it involves stacking round stones rather than flat ones. We carefully cut off the old, damaged crown and constructed a new one that overhangs the masonry, ensuring a longer lifespan for the chimney.

Project Duration: The Brookfield chimney crown repair took approximately 1.5 days, which is typical for this type of project. Our team’s expertise and efficiency ensured minimal disruption for the homeowner.

Importance of Service: Addressing the damaged chimney crown was crucial to prevent water infiltration, which could lead to significant structural issues and costly repairs. By performing this preventative chimney maintenance, we helped the homeowner avoid future, more extensive repairs and ensured the longevity of their chimney system.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: We have over 30 years of experience and the knowledge and skills to handle any masonry work. Our expertise allows us to perform repairs without causing additional damage, a risk associated with less experienced contractors. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for chimney and fireplace services.

Unique Aspects: Working with field stone chimneys is a specialized skill that requires understanding the nuances of the material. Our team’s ability to manage these challenges and deliver a robust, durable repair highlights our proficiency and dedication to our craft.

This Brookfield chimney crown repair project showcases our capability to handle complex chimney repairs precisely and carefully. By choosing Smoke Stacks, the homeowner received a high-quality repair and ensured the longevity and safety of their chimney system. For all your chimney and fireplace needs, trust the experts at Smoke Stacks.