Customer Concern: A homeowner in Colgate, WI, was revamping their living room and decided on a fireplace remodel to match the new aesthetic. They sought a fresh, modern facade for their prefabricated fireplace to become their renovated space’s centerpiece.

Assessment and Response: Within just three days of the initial call, our team at Smoke Stacks arrived to evaluate the project. Recognizing the fireplace’s importance in the living room’s redesign, we planned the remodel, considering the technical and aesthetic aspects to fit the homeowner’s vision seamlessly.

Service Provided: The project entailed installing a new façade on the pre-existing fireplace and carefully selecting and arranging the brick pattern to avoid future eyesores. A custom brick hearth was also designed, with several layout options presented to the homeowner to ensure satisfaction.

Project Duration: The fireplace remodel was completed in four days, a timeline typical for projects of this nature, though variations can occur based on hearth material and façade size.

Importance of Service: This service was primarily decorative and aimed at refreshing the home’s interior during a remodel. However, it also plays a crucial role in addressing structural issues arising from a deteriorating façade or hearth. Regular fireplace maintenance can preemptively identify such problems, ensuring the longevity and safety of the structure.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: Our dedication to perfection and detail sets us apart from the competition. Understanding that the fireplace is often the focal point of a living room, we approach every project with the precision and care it deserves.

Unique Aspects: The collaboration between our team and the homeowner in selecting the perfect brick pattern for the hearth exemplifies our personalized approach. By involving the homeowner in the decision-making process, we make sure the final product truly reflects their style and the home’s character. Our proactive approach to design and installation guarantees a beautiful and enduring result.

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