Customer Concern: A resident of Elm Grove noticed a rusted fireplace damper and chimney chase cover and contacted us for our expertise. The issue led to water leakage and chimney discoloration.

Inspection and Response: Smoke Stacks promptly performed a chimney inspection within the same week of contact. A custom stainless steel chase cover was ordered and installed two weeks after delivery.

Services We Provided: We quickly acted on this Elm Grove chimney repair. Our team removed the rusted galvanized cover and promptly installed a new one, ensuring a perfect fit and addressing the clearance issue by modifying the plywood stabilizer board. The process involved fitting chimney anchors, caps, and storm collars, which were sealed to prevent water ingress.

Duration and Importance: The job took 2 hours, slightly longer than usual, due to the additional work on the stabilizer board. Annual inspections and proper chase cover installation are vital for preventing chimney damage.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: Our custom stainless steel chase covers have a lifetime product warranty and a 10-year workmanship guarantee. Smoke Stacks’ expertise ensures effective solutions to chimney issues.

Unique Aspects: Precise measurements and safe installation practices are crucial, especially given the windy conditions and the large size of the multi-flue chase cover. This project was critical to an elderly couple looking to maintain their home’s integrity.

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