Customer Concern: The homeowner reached out to us with concerns about a persistent water leak and deteriorating bricks on their chimney. Despite previous repair efforts, the issues persisted, and they needed a permanent and professional solution.

Assessment and Response: We assessed the homeowner’s quote within five days of them reaching out and provided a quote on the same day. Upon inspection, we identified significant damage that required a thorough rebuild to prevent further water infiltration and structural deterioration.

Service Provided: The chimney was in dire need of extensive work, including rebuilding the structure, installing a new chimney crown, through-the-wall flashing, replacing flue tiles, and cutting out and replacing damaged bricks. The main concern was the water leak, exacerbated by poor-quality chimney repairs. We implemented a through-the-wall chimney flashing system to ensure a watertight seal, effectively preventing future leaks.

During the Glendale chimney rebuild, our team’s thorough inspection revealed cracked flue tiles, a problem that was not initially visible. We promptly replaced the damaged tiles with new ones, significantly reducing potential future repair costs for the homeowner.

Project Duration: The entire project took approximately 4.5 days to complete, including an additional half day for the unexpected flue tile replacement. This timeframe is typical for a project of this scope, demonstrating our efficiency and expertise in handling complex chimney repairs.

Importance of Service: The chimney was in one of the worst visual and structural conditions we’ve encountered. Rebuilding the chimney was essential to restore its integrity and appearance. The crucial aspect of the repair was the installation of through-the-wall flashing, which effectively prevented water from penetrating the structure and causing further damage.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: Our extensive experience allowed us to identify and address the flue tile damage during the rebuild, saving the homeowner $4000-$6000 in additional repair costs. Our ability to perform comprehensive chimney repairs without causing further damage is a testament to our expertise and commitment to quality service.

Unique Aspects: Replacing the damaged flue tiles during the rebuild was critical to this project. It required specialized knowledge and skill to execute correctly, highlighting our team’s proficiency in handling unforeseen challenges during repairs.

This Glendale chimney rebuild project underscores our capability to deliver thorough and effective chimney repairs. Our experience and dedication ensured the homeowner received a high-quality, lasting solution to their chimney issues. For reliable and professional chimney and fireplace services, trust Smoke Stacks to handle your needs with care and expertise.