Customer Concern: A resident of Waukesha, WI, discovered rust on their chimney’s chase cover, which caused the exterior stack to discolor.

Assessment and Response: Smoke Stacks assessed this Waukesha chimney repair job within two days of the call. A custom stainless steel chimney chase cover was ordered and installed within two weeks.

Service Provided: To remove the deteriorated galvanized cover, a custom-fabricated stainless steel chase cover was installed. Interior chase conditions were visually inspected to ensure no water damage. A chimney cap was installed, and storm collars were sealed for watertightness.

Project Duration: Completed in 1.5 hours, with a typical timeframe due to easy chimney access and roof pitch.

Importance of Service: Proper chimney protection is essential for preventative maintenance. The NFPA recommends annual chimney inspections. A new chase cover is designed to prevent water entry.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: High-quality stainless steel chase covers with extensive warranty coverage—Expert Waukesha Chimney Repair to troubleshoot chimney issues effectively.

Unique Aspects: Precise measurements are crucial for a perfect fit. A properly installed chase cover ensures a lifetime solution, preventing rust and future issues.

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