Customer Concern: The homeowners requested a chimney inspection after moving into their new home in Waukesha, WI. We identified damaged flue tiles that needed immediate attention during the chimney inspection.

Assessment and Response: We assessed the damage on-site and provided a proposal within 24 hours. Our team then developed a plan to ensure the fireplace and chimney would be safe and functional.

Service Provided: We first cleaned the chimney to remove any old creosote buildup. Then, we installed a new 10-inch stainless steel chimney liner, securing it with ceramic wool insulation to ensure proper drafting. The liner was fully insulated, and we sealed off the top before installing a rain and animal cap.

Project Duration: This fireplace repair took one day to complete, which is typical for this type of job.

Importance of Service: Damaged clay flue liners pose a significant fire hazard. Cracked or missing tiles can allow fire, smoke, and embers to escape into areas not designed to handle high temperatures, potentially causing chimney fires. Moreover, smoke entering the chimney cavity leads to creosote buildup, which adds a combustible material in unsafe proximity to the home’s wood framing.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: At Smoke Stacks, we ensure the proper liner size is installed to guarantee optimal fireplace performance. An undersized liner can result in smoke issues and compromise safety. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer safety sets us apart.

Unique Aspects: The meticulous installation of the stainless steel chimney liner, including the ceramic wool insulation and the carefully selected cap, ensures the smoke drafts correctly while preventing rain and animal entry. This comprehensive approach makes sure the repaired fireplace is both efficient and safe.

A well-maintained fireplace is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for the safety and comfort of your home. If you suspect any issues with your fireplace or chimney, it’s crucial not to wait until they escalate into a major problem. Schedule an inspection or consultation with Smoke Stacks today to receive tailored fireplace repair solutions.

We will ensure your fireplace remains the heart of your home, providing warmth and peace of mind for years to come. Visit our website to explore more fireplace repair services or request a callback to discuss your needs.