Customer Concern: A homeowner in West Allis faced issues with a water leak originating from their chimney, which was no longer in use due to their home being equipped with high-efficiency appliances that do not require chimney venting. They were in need of our expert West Allis chimney removal services.

Assessment and Response: Our team at Smoke Stacks responded promptly, visiting the home within four days of the initial call to discuss the feasible options and perform a chimney inspection. After assessing the situation, we confirmed that the chimney was redundant and proposed removing it to prevent further complications.

Service Provided: The service involved a meticulous chimney removal process. We dismantled the chimney just below the roof line, where we installed a masonry fire stop to seal the old chimney cavity. The area was then framed and securely covered with plywood, followed by a seamless integration of the existing rubber roofing material over the newly formed surface to ensure a watertight finish.

Project Duration: Our team at Smoke Stacks showcased their efficiency and preparedness by completing the entire chimney removal and roof-over project in just one day. This swift turnaround time is typical for this type of job, reflecting our team’s expertise and commitment to providing prompt service.

Importance of Service: The service we provide, removing an unused chimney, is not just a solution to a problem. It’s a way for homeowners to transition to high-efficiency appliances to eliminate unnecessary maintenance issues and potential chimney leak points. It’s a way for them to reclaim interior space for other uses, enhancing the functionality and layout of their home.

Why Choose Smoke Stacks: Smoke Stacks stands out due to our comprehensive approach and attention to detail. Our skilled crews ensure that every phase of the chimney removal is performed flawlessly, from applying the masonry fire stop to the precision in framing and roofing, guaranteeing no future water intrusion.

Unique Aspects: What sets Smoke Stacks apart is our ability to safely and effectively remove chimneys right down to the foundation. This unique capability allows homeowners to significantly remodel and optimize their living spaces, whether it’s expanding a kitchen or adding a closet upstairs. It’s a service that not many can offer, and it’s one that we’re proud to provide.

Experience the commitment and quality that Smoke Stacks brings to every project. If you’re in need of a project such as our West Allis chimney removal, or need expert advice on managing an unused chimney, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Explore our fireplace and chimney services range, and let us help you enhance your home’s safety, efficiency, and design. With Smoke Stacks, you’re investing in professional solutions that ensure lasting satisfaction and home improvement.

chimney before removal in West Allis


patched hole in roof from West Allis chimney removal